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Our platform offers a seamless way to discover and participate in pick-up games for various sports, including football, basketball, badminton, and volleyball.
Here's why Book with Star is the way to go.

Host Your Games

With Book with Star, you're not limited to joining existing pick-up games—you can create your own! Our special platform allows you to organize and host your games, inviting friends and fellow enthusiasts to join the fun. Simply set the details, send out invitations directly from your phone, and watch as your game fills up. You can even send a link for easy payment and keep track of your confirmed guest list, including who has paid and who's still pending. It's never been easier to take control of your sports experience and create unforgettable memories with Book with Star.

Easy Registration

Easy sign-up processes from the app or website to register, just create an account, browse the available pick-up games for football, basketball, badminton, and volleyball in your area, and reserve your spot within minutes. Say goodbye to endless WhatsApp groups or call, and hello to hassle-free participation!

Convenient payment

No need to worry about payment logistics through book with Star lets you securely pay for your pick-up game reservations online, eliminating last-minute scrambling. Whether you prefer credit card or digital wallet payments, our platform ensures a smooth and convenient transaction process every time.

Flexible scheduling

Life can be unpredictable, but that doesn't mean your sports activities must be. Book with Star lets you choose pick-up games that fit your schedule. Whether you're a weekend or weekday warrior, our diverse game times and locations ensure you'll find the right match for your availability.

Community engagement

Joining pick-up games isn't just about playing sports—it's also about connecting with like-minded individuals and fostering a sense of community. With Book with Star, you'll have the opportunity to get to know new people, make friends, and build relationships beyond the field or court. Our platform prioritizes inclusivity and camaraderie, ensuring everyone feels welcome and valued.

Best sport facilities

Playing safe is our top priority. That's why Book with Star chooses the best sports facilities for each sport and looks at the best content worriesor for everyone.

Ready to join the fun? Download our Book with Star app now and start exploring the exciting world of pick-up games by joining or hosting your event! Or, check out our event page at to find upcoming games in your area. Sign up today and take your sports experience to the next level with Book with Star!

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