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# Schedule Day Schedule Time Schedule Batch
1 SATURDAY 10:00am – 11:00am players 5- 10 years old
2 SATURDAY 11:00 am - 12:00 pm players 11- 17 years old
3 SATURDAY 12:00pm - 1:00pm players 11- 17 years old
4 SUNDAY 10:00am – 11:00am players 5- 10 years old
5 SUNDAY 11:00 am - 12:00 pm players 11- 17 years old
6 SUNDAY 12:00pm - 1:00pm players 11- 17 years old

Badminton classes in Al Qusais

When you believe that badminton is the sport that you wish to play, it always helps to bring in coaches who you can trust. Badminton is not an easy sport; learning the skills you need to hone your game is a challenge. However, with the right coach helping you along, nothing is impossible.

That is why, at Star, we now provide a series of badminton classes in Al Qusais. We know that these lessons are built upon having fun, letting loose of stress, and simply enjoying yourself. It is for this reason that so many people today choose to work with us when they want to improve their skills.

When you work with our badminton classes in Al Qusais, you can benefit from: Comfortable, enjoyable badminton lessons which are organised by top quality coaches. Friendly coaching that looks to focus on where you need the most work to become well-rounded.

Endearing and friendly competition that asks you to improve but never puts you under pressure. Regular sessions that allow you to find your own form, ability, and confidence in your shot. Coaching developments focused on making you more aware of the entire badminton court.

Techniques and training sessions built on giving you the right kind of shooting style you need. Developmental skills that can give you extra help and assistance in making the right plays. We mostly focus on a practically minded training style, too, meaning that you spend less time listening and more time playing.

We can practice together by doing, always making sure that children who take part are improving their skills.

Signing up for our badminton classes in Al Qusais can be a great way to build confidence, gain physical strength, and improve at a sport that many people today play professionally.

Find the secrets with our badminton classes in Al Qusais

Badminton is a hard sport to play; once you get the right technique, though, it becomes much easier.

Our training, then, is focused on making sure you can get the right kind of technique in place starting today. With our coaching, you make crucial foundational changes that make you more adept, more comfortable, and more consistent.

The end result is that you also become more confident as you get used to taking on shots that you simply would not have tried before. We make it easier for any student to become more passionate, more informed, and more engaged with badminton as a sport. For help in making sure you can work with coaches who know how to improve your game, the team at Star can make that possible.

We understand that committing to one sport can seem daunting. We only ask that you think about trying out our badminton classes in Al Qusais. Come along for a session, and see for yourself just how fun – and relaxing – playing badminton can be. Let us show you that the path to progress that you are looking for exists through a blend of hard work and commitment. Join today, and see why our badminton classes in Al Qusais are so popular with kids of all ages!

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