Fitness training for groups

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# Schedule Day Schedule Time Schedule Batch
1 MONDAY Morning DWTC groups fitness
2 WEDNESDAY Morning DWTC groups fitness
3 FRIDAY Morning DWTC groups fitness
4 MONDAY Afternoon DWTC groups fitness
5 WEDNESDAY Afternoon DWTC groups fitness
6 FRIDAY Afternoon DWTC groups fitness

In the functional training groups we work full body in each session: lower body, core and upper body. With strength, cardiovascular, coordination exercises, and at the end stretching. We motivate each other to give our best in each challenge. We adapt the exercises to the level of each person, with body weight and according to their level, with extra weight, bands, trx, etc.

Why choose us

  • Motivation to achieve your goals
  • Enjoy your training meeting new people
  • Belonging to a group