Badminton Classes in Al Barsha

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# Schedule Day Schedule Time Schedule Batch
1 TUESDAY 4:00-5:00pm players 6-9 years old
2 TUESDAY 5:00-6:00pm players 6-9 years old
3 TUESDAY 6:00-7:00pm players 10-14 years old
4 TUESDAY 7:00-8:00pm players 14 – 16 years old
5 FRIDAY 4:00-5:00pm players 6-9 years old
6 FRIDAY 5:00-6:00pm players 6-9 years old
7 FRIDAY 6:00-7:00pm players 10- 14 years old
8 FRIDAY 7:00-8:00pm players 14- 16 years old
9 SUNDAY 2:00 - 3:00pm players all age groups
10 SUNDAY 3:00 - 4:00pm players all age group

Badminton classes in Al Barsha

Do you see badminton as a sport you would like to play in the future? Then you should look to get coaching. At Star, we provide a series of badminton classes in Al Barsha that children can join and start learning today. Whether you have never played badminton before or you have dreams of being a professional, we can help you. Our coaching programs are developed and varied enough to ensure that you can see meaningful results through consistent gains.

Our program offers badminton classes in Al Barsha that focuses on where you need the most work. In each coaching session, we look to work on how you play by using a range of fun, engaging coaching sessions. This improves your belief in how you play, it also adds more skill to your general style, and it improves your ability to read the flight of the shuttlecock.

We also make sure you take up better positions on the court, ensuring that you can hit the cock with consistency more often than not. So, the aim is to develop you to become a more rounded player. If you want to make sure you have the skills and the variable abilities to enjoy badminton, then let us imbue you with the skills you need as soon as possible.

Badminton is tremendous fun to play, but you need the right blend of coaching and skills to ensure you can develop your abilities. This need time, confidence, and effort; we can provide you with an easy way to imbue all three. So, for a badminton experience that is extremely easy, you should take a look at our badminton classes in Al Barsha. We can make sure you are learning from proven professional coaches who know how to improve your game.

Find the right solution through our badminton classes in Al Barsha Children who join up with our badminton school get to enjoy a learning session that is:

Built on making sure that each individual improves as well as class-wide development.

Founded on lessons which are aimed at improving your on-court awareness and understanding.

Grounded in physical development that adds to the stamina and staying power of each player.

Fun, stress-free, and here to help you see badminton as a sport to be enjoyed, not endured. Satisfying and fun for anyone who wants to try and add to their own sporting confidence.

Lesson oriented with plenty of time focused on practical play as opposed to long, boring lessons. The end result of our badminton classes in Al Barsha is that you get to see your own skills improving in front of your eyes.

Every session will improve your court awareness, your accuracy in shooting, and your overall self-belief with a badminton racquet in your hands. If you want to start making a big change to how you play the sport, then, join Star today. Our open and friendly badminton classes in Al Barsha are available for anyone looking to build-up and improve their skills starting from today!

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