When it comes to applying yourself to any kind of team sport, the biggest challenge is finding people to play alongside. Whether you are looking to play full-sided association football, futsal, basketball, volleyball, or anything else, you need to know where to find teammates that you can trust. As well as finding a place to play via pitch and court rental in Dubai, you need to find people who you can play with and feel confident playing alongside. And what better place to start, then, than with a chance to connect with players in Dubai?

Don’t limit yourself to local players

Dubai is a big place, and many of us look to keep ourselves to ourselves when playing in a location like this. Instead of making that call, though, we recommend that you look to avoid limiting yourself to local players only.

Use a tool like the Book With Star player finder, and you can find it much easier to locate teammates who you could join up with and play together alongside.

Focus on your competitive level

Many people look to try and join a team that is either above their level, to challenge themselves, or below their level, to feel confident. You need to find where you are happiest. Not everyone wants to play professionally, for example; if you are looking to play for fitness and fun, it might make sense to find teammates either on or below your level.

If growth is your ambition, though, stepping up makes sense.

Always look to find complementary players

Some of us just look to join the first list of professionals who will take us onboard. That can be damning, and something that we highly recommend you avoid. You should instead look to find a team you can help. Do you have lots of pace? Then try to find some technically sound but athletically limited teammates who you could help out.

Don’t simply look to just join-up because they will take you; make sure you can contribute.

Focus on where you need to grow

Another way to find good teammates in Dubai is to look at where you most need to improve. Find teammates who can help you to get better by being honest with you about where your game lacks. You can then do all that you can to improve on those parts of your game and become an even better teammates, making it more likely that you can succeed in the game in future.

Be honest with yourself

However, before you go and rent a pitch or court in Dubai, you need to be honest with yourself. How far do you want to go in the game? For example, if you are just looking to have fun then don’t join up with young players who are trying to make a name for themselves and make it professionally.

Join up with teammates who are actually on your level, and it will be so much easier for you to improve and grow as an athlete.

Ready to meet teammates? Then you can do by using the Player Connect feature at https://bookwithstar.com/player_connect

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